Hello world! It’s me *insert goofy smile* How are you?

Evening! This is my frist blog; I am glad you could join me as I stumble around trying to figure out all these buttons and widgets and themes. So…I had all these random things swirling around in my mind that I would love to write about; funny now I am trying to pluck something specific out of the colorful world that lays behind my mind’s eye and I find myself a little typed-tied. I guess since this is my first real attempt at a blog I should start of with a little dose of “all about me”.

My name is Christina Paul. I am in my mid-twenties, not getting any younger on the outside (until they invent Botox that doesn’t come in needles anyways) and fighting the hopeless and hopefully epic battle against life making you grow old on the inside. Let’s see…I have been married for eight years to a wonderful man who I hope I will never forget if I am lucky enough to grow old enough to not remember anything. I have two beautiful but frustrating little hell-raising angels. Lucky for them they both look more like me than their father. Honey, if your reading this then just know as I am typing I am smiling and winking at you. Love ya babe, you are one sexy beast by the way, just so you know.

Anyways, where was I. Oh, I remember: One gorgeous little lady, Destiny, who is five years old and one handsome little fella, Ayden, age two. I am currently on active duty and stationed in Naples, Italy and if your more interested in that aspect of my life then you should probably talk to a recruiter. Trust me, you can find them anywhere and if you can’t google it. Right now I am the bread-winner and my Husband, Robert, is Mr. Mom so naturally I am currently living life paycheck to paycheck. Good times. We have a very smart and sweet-natured three-month old Naples mutt (I am guessing that she might have some lab and golden retriever in her genetics), her name is Sammy. Up until recently I cared for my mother who has schizophrenia. Don’t worry she isn’t dead or anything we just moved her back to Scotland for her medical care because where I am stationed she can’t get her medicine. I was born in Scotland and moved to the United States (legally, just in case your interested), our port of entry was Boston, MA in October of 1992. I move around a lot and enjoy traveling and experiencing culture shock (except when it involves diarrhea or becoming ill because that just isn’t fun at all). I have two brothers, one just turned twenty-one and has started his own battle with this thing we call life and the other one should be around eleven years old now but I haven’t seen him since he was almost four years old because…long story short: he was taken away by the state and adopted out while we were in the foster care system. One day, I hope to find him and play catch up for years. So that is a little bit about my life. 

Now moving on to a little bit more about just me, I enjoy wasting time when I have the time to waste. You don’t have to twist my arm to have a lazy day in bed. I am pretty random and I lose my train of thought easily. I make plans just to so I can change my mind about the whole thing and that usually leads to me finding myself taking many blind leaps of faith throughout the course of one years time. I think that I may have adult ADD because I have many projects going all at once. I enjoy writing, even if I am just writing something that I know only I will read. I am a Facebook addict, a general internet junkie that always has a half-dead battery on my kindle and a movie playing in the background. I am not a morning person because I can’t seem to be in bed before one o’clock in the morning. Which trust me, does not behoove any active duty member (unless they are unfortunate enough to be a shift worker).  I constantly “re-vamp” my favorite iTunes playlists and listen to variety of different music and love concerts.  I have tried to quit smoking at least nine different times since I started smoking almost sixteen years ago and I am ashamed to admit that I still smoke at least a half pack a day. But hopefully one day I will not. I do my best, most of the time, to believe in God and country. I drink soda, coffee, and various imported and domestic beer like I should drink water. I try to not to go to the gym on my off-time because I have to exercise everyday because it’s part of my job description but I do spent a majority of my leisure time outdoors when I am not being lazy, my favorite outdoor activities include but are not limited to: family nights out, eating (mostly things that involve chocolate), camping, hiking, taking walks, skydiving, amusement parks, going and playing at the play parks with my kids, doggie paddling (not swimming), floating in the water (also not swimming), snorkeling (which is similar to swimming but has the added bonus of still being able to breathe while under the water), and water sports that you have to hold on to something so you don’t end up swimming. All vices aside, I am a mostly healthy individual and my BMI index says that I am in the 50th percentile so I guess that means my lifestyle choices are not all that bad.

So that is a snapshot of my life. Hopefully I didn’t bore whoever might stumble across this to tears. Tune in next time…Hope y’all have a nice night. ♥ XoXoXo ♥   

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