Best Monday in a very long time

So my section snuck out of the office today 15 minutes early before “the boss man” got out of their rehearsal after a very interesting and entertaining office debate between a die-hard Christian and an atheist about religion and God and if it is exists or not and if it did truly exist where the location of a human soul would presumably be. I also was not hit by a moped ninja or ready to commit vehicular homicide on the way home. Big bonus. Traffic was as smooth as it can be for driving on the Tang. Got home and my husband actually cleaned the house and made dinner that didn’t come out of a box (home-made chicken noodle soup)! Yay; I love that man (even if most days he is stuck in front of WoW). My daughter remembered to feed her dog with out me having to tell her. Her Daddy even had her cleaning her own room. I mean is it already Christmas or what? Then I logon to my Facebook and find that Dexter got renewed for a six season. This is around the time when I start thinking, “Okay, what’s is really going on, did I skip the real Monday? Am I in some sort of alternate reality?”, because that is just the kind of dork I really am. I mean aside from an email from a really good friend of mine in distress that I can’t really do anything to help ( 😦 ), a couple of “hiccups” this morning and an almost empty checking account…all is right in the world of me. I bet you I am going to get hit by a bloody bus or something tomorrow. I am chilling out right now watching supernatural and smallville with the hubby; might have a beer and watch get him to the Greek. Then I am probably going to hit the hay.

My favorite things my kids did today:

My favorite quote from my five-year old daughter so far today has got to be, “Now I am five mom, after five I will be six and when I am six I can do whatever I want…right mom?”  

My two-year old son was running about in is cars pit crew jumper with a hello kitty band-aid on his left hand (apparently for no other reason than he asked for it earlier today while I was at work). Now he is running around every fifteen minutes or so pointing at it and making the “boo-boo” face and making me kiss it. After I kiss it he smiles that big ole goof ball smile of his and runs away laughing.

My son is turning into quite the soda-holic. He is not allowed to have it usually. Anyways, I let him have a sip of my cherry Pepsi while Daddy wasn’t looking. Then I drank the rest of it. Ayden came in and gave me his best set of little puppy dog eyes. But he had typical Monday timing. I told him it was all gone but if he wanted he could put the empty can in the trash for me because I was busy with the being a-lazy-bum thing and watching the boob-tube. So he did the unexpected. Ayden picked up the empty can and threw it in the trash and then brought me a fresh cold soda out of the fridge. He handed it to me with a mixture of his best set of puppy dog eyes and his little ole goofball grin. So cute, what can you do against that? I am a sucker. He got a wee glass of his own 🙂  

We gave Destiny, my daughter, the option of doing optional homework on the school’s math site or go to bed around 8:30PM. She really is my daughter through and through. She said Daddy, “I choose to go to bed, goodnight”. She changed into her PJs and we haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Tune in next time. Hope y’all have a goodnight.



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