On no lunch time is over :-(

Hello internet land. How are you this afternoon? I am on lunch, eating…hotpockets! I swear they are the only things keeping me alive lately because I keep forgetting to pack my lunch the night prior and at the little shoppette here where I work; the hotpockets are all you KNOW are edible. I wonder if hotpockets can provide you adequate nutrition so you don’t become malnourished because lately that is what I eat for lunch and when I get home, most days anyways, my husband (AKA Mr. Mom), has made frozen pizza for dinner. Oh well, at least it usually the kind that comes with the breadsticks so I can’t really complain. So surprisingly, Monday didn’t start off too bad. Which is enough to make me smile on the inside because most Mondays  always seem to be a complete FML marathon in the world of me. Anyways that is besides the point. I was getting to the good part. Ready? TA, DA: I was on time this morning!!! I actually got out the door at 6AM so didn’t even have to worry about traffic and was 15 minutes early so I didn’t have to scramble to get that freaking guidon. *Big ole smile and nod in appreciation*

However, I was just in time to run seven miles. Yeah buddy! <- <- <- That was false motivation followed by a little wee dose of sarcasm, just in case you didn’t know, I loathe running; really…I hate running. I wonder how many words a thesaurus has for hate *insert pause small pause here while I look it up* there are 44 different ways according to thesaurus.com. So there are 44 different ways  to say that you hate something and they all apply to my relationship with running. I think I would rather go swimming instead of running and I would probably die if I went swimming because I would drown. My knees are killing me now but at least the run route was scenic. It was a little chilly but it wasn’ t rainy and the Pozzuoli coast line was very tranquil. It almost made it worth the trek. They were actually cleaning Pozzuoli up a little bit and taking out the trash. I think I even saw someone sweeping the sidewalks. That is really something close to a miracle for the Naples area. The trash piles here are out of control. Almost every street coronor (and sometimes just in the shoulders of the freeways and roads) has piles and piles as tall as me (and I am close to 5’7), and if I had the kahunas to lie down on the street here, the trash piles probably would be as long as me too. I am going to remember to take a picture of it one day so I can post it up. Trust me folks, if you’re going to vacation in Italy; don’t waste your money coming to Naples. It is THE butthole of Italy. It’s funny though if you drive about 30-45 minutes in either direction AWAY from Naples, it starts to get nicer and the farther away it is from Naples the nicer it gets. I wonder why that it is? Anyways, after PT I showered at the gym like always because I live on the other base which is a good 27 miles away from here and looks like rush hour in LA anytime after 7Am until about 11AM. It was awesome (no sarcasm implied because it really was awesome, they had hot water this time). Then I get to work, thought that the work day was going to off without a hitch; but we all know that Mondays just can’t go smoothly unless you just don’t get out of bed.

Before I even got to my desk I got tasked to put up the Christmas decorations around the whole office and hallways. Just got the first tree standing and the “go here, go there, do this and do that” started. It is definitely going to be a long day at the office, I can just tell. With any luck I’ll be home before 7:30PM. To tell the truth, I feel kind of guilty because I haven’t even put up my own Christmas tree yet; maybe I’ll just tell the kids we’re Jewish or something because the Christmas spirit and all the decorations that go with it aren’t going to be vomited all throughout my house this year. It’s feels a little weird for me because usually I go all out for Christmas. But I am just not feeling it this year. At least I got the Christmas shopping done. Toys for tots included. I just want to say “God bless Amazon.com!” They are truly my heroes this time of the year; especially when I am overseas and there is no walmart in sight. Alright got to run because lunch is almost over and I have to see if they picked up the mail at the mail room and I still have to squeeze in a cigarette.

Until next time.



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