I bloody knew it :-P

Remember yesterday’s blog where I specifically stated that Monday’s are usually a FML marathon in the world of me and yesterday was one of the best Monday’s I’ve ever had. Well, that was simply because I was not having one of my regular FML Mondays and because of that I would probably get hit by a bloody bus the next day? Well I f#!@ing called. On the way home on the Tang a big white truck was flashing his brights (which is what the Italians do to let you know that they are coming up fast, so pretty much get the hell out-of-the-way) I was in the process of getting over when the traffic all of a sudden came to a standstill. The truck near-missed me and I ended up ramming with my dodge into the back of an Audi full of Italians. I am fine, they were fine, my car is fine (save for the front bumper which only needs a few screws tightened) but their car was crushed. I am so screwed my bi-weekly insurance bill as it stands is $362! FML. The worst part is that I lost his contact information somewhere between the accident, getting lost and going home. 😦 They didn’t speak english at all and I only know a handful of Italian words; so it was hell just trying to exchange information. With any luck, the guy didn’t have insurance and won’t report it (like the majority of drivers over here). But none the less I have to go make an accident report over here on the support site. Not what I wanted to do with my day off. The cherry topping is that when I finally got home there was no more beer 😦 Anyways, I am going to chillax for the rest of the night and just pretend everything is all right in the world of me 🙂 Tune in next time.



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