Vomitting Christmas Crap

Tis’  the season to start vomiting the Christmas crap throughout the house to make the wee ones light up like a Christmas tree. So I spent my day off digging through the storage trying to find all the boxes. I hope I found them all, if not maybe I will next year. So with a little help from my hubby so I didn’t end up falling to my doom I got the boxes on the very tip-top shelf filled with holiday season paraphernalia.  We cleaned up the house a little, gave the dog a bath, watched christmas cartoons with Ayden, and then we spent some toddler craft time with the boy. We made some paintings and colored pictures. Then we helped my son  make a very deep, artistic version of a rain-stick via a paper towel roll, some tissue paper, rubber bands, raw rice, crayons and paint. Then ’round one o’clock his speech pathologist came by. They did their play and talk business. And I did my best to stay out-of-the-way and not hover too much. Bobby is definitely better at that than I am. Ayden is doing a lot better at developing his speaking vocabulary and interacting with others. I still have to work on making him talk and not just going to get whatever it is he wants because I know that he wants it. I have to remember to hold things up near my mouth as I speak so he can see me forming my words. Better news yet, she said that even though she couldn’t formally diagnose him, that she definitely does not think that he is autistic but he does have a very predominate speech delay that she thinks is a motor problem. Pretty much meaning that he understands and responds to what is going on just like every other two-year old but when he goes to verbally communicate something, something between his brain and mouth doesn’t fire correctly. Which may sound bad but trust me is a relief. It is sad that he is becoming a little bit more quiet since we had to take him out of daycare but at least his vocabulary is expanding and he can pronounce the words he already knows a little bit better. Anyways, after his speech pathologist left Ayden went down for his nap.

Then came the epic battle with putting up the Christmas tree. In the move from Hawaii to Italy our little fake pre-lit Christmas tree that has been in the family since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter is literally standing on its last leg. I had to make a little jerry-rigged box to make it able to stand up because we don’t have the money to buy a new one this year. Sucks to be broke at Christmas time. Maybe that is why I am so ba-hum-bug this year. Anyways, it doesn’t look as ghetto-fied as it sounds. So I won the battle against putting up the Christmas tree. Now it was war against the Christmas lights because all the lights on the bottom third of the fake pre-lit Christmas tree were not lit. Eventually after an hour or so with fiddling with these lights, trying to find the burnt out bulb I retreated to come up with a new strategy. I came back in full force with strings of lights from last year. Got through untangling them and plugged them in. Boo. Half the lights on the sting were not light. After some well phrased use of profanity, my husband and I started replacing the bulbs. Score! They all lit. Then I walked away have a smoke. Came back and half of the lights on the string didn’t work again. BOO. Insert some more well phrased use of profanity and I plopped down to begin the bulb replacing feat again. Christmas lights were NOT winning this war. Then Sammy, our dog, came to the rescue. She grabbed the string of lights in between her puppy teeth to drag them away to be chewed to their doom. But unfortunately I love my dog and I don’t want her to die from the shrapnel of war so I had to referee. I yelled, “Sammy, drop it”, in my very close to firm voice. She looked at me like “are you sure?”, released the lights from her clutches and proceeded to trotted away like the very good puppy she is. As the sting of lights dropped to the floor they all lit up. Victory was mine. 🙂 I started winding the lights around the 1/3 of the pre-lit tree that was still not a-glowing and walked away to go check my Facebook. I came back and sonno-a-b-i-t-c-h, half of the string of the lights we not working again! My husband went to go pick my daughter up from her girl scouts meeting and as he was walking out the door, I yelled, “Screw this we are buying new lights!”. So who won the war? The Christmas lights or me. 

Anyways, now I finished the rest of holiday decorating. It’s really amazing, I usually found this part really fun. Even used to watch a little HGTV so that I could be a better DIY winter wonderland set-‘er-upper. Ba-Hum-Bug! Almost more tedious than having to decorate the office but the look on my daughter face when she came home was well worth it. My son too his eyes lit up when he woke up. Now it is chill time with fam. Tune in next time.



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