Free trip to Scotland

To cut a long story short I have 4 bought and paid for tickets to fly from Naples, Italy to Glasgow, Scotland and from Glasgow, Scotland to London, England to spend the New Year then returning you to Naples, Italy. The hotel in London for the New Year is also bought and paid for. Life happens sometimes and we can no longer go. The tickets and fee for the hotel is non-refundable. I would hate for that to go to waste. The flight leaves from Naples airport on the 17th of Dec @ 8PM if your interested or know someone who is interested please let me know. The only catch is you’d have to pay for the hotel in Scotland and to change the names on the tickets. Email me for the details. If no one can claim the tickets by the 15th of Dec then I will try to donate them to the USO. If you might know of a charity or something that I could donate the this trip to please leave a comment. Thank you. Happy Holidays!


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My family and I love to laugh, learn, and create long lasting memories. Life happens...I figured I start writing about ours because no one else will. Hello everyone out there in internet land! Hope your in good health and spirit :-) If you would like to know more about me please feel free to follow one of my links posted on my profile. View all posts by thepaulohana

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