FML…thanks a lot facebook for exsisting; I think my toes taste awesome

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I just wanted to let everyone out there in internet land that I am a @$$hole. I suffer from chronic foot-in-the-mouth syndrome and I apologize profusely to those of you that I have infected with my fat tongue.

I was facebooking the other day and I started to chat with an old friend of mine I haven’t talked to or seen in a couple of years. The old friend of mine happens to be plagued with the cold, as am I (I feel much, much better by the way; in case anyone might care). Anyways, I thought that this little conversation between my old friend and I would be the perfect opportunity to tell her I started to blog and I wrote a guide for natural remedies for the common cold (which I then went on to say that the edited version of what was on my blog is now a published article). After I proceeded to do that and in closing the conversation I went on to say, “I hope that your little man, doesn’t get sick”. The last time I had seen their family was a couple of years ago, they had just gotten married and were expecting and I heard that they had a son. I received no reply back for several minutes so I wished them a “Happy Holidays!!! 🙂 ” and I went back to my Facebooking business. The little red notification number lit up with a response, so I clicked on it. FML. “I guess you never heard, my son passed away a couple of months ago”, is what I got hit back with. F you Facebook…right in the face! Why must you make it that much easier for me to insert my foot into my mouth. Needless to say, I felt like a gigantic A-hole. The holidays are hard enough when your grieving over a love one, I really couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to lose a child…and be sick on top of it all 😦 and there I go just throwing it in their face. 

I guess that is a perfect example of Karma for you. Serves me right for trying to sell myself off to my friends for a couple of new page hits 😦

I then spent the next half-an-hour apologizing for being such an A-hole because this is the rough translation of what I said prior to that damn little notification number; I pretty much said, “I suck as a person and a friend, I didn’t know you lost your only child just a few months ago even though I see your status updates everyday because I myself, am a total facebook whore too; Also, I would like to take the time to say I am sorry that you feel sick as a dog, read my blog and you might end up feeling better. Hope you have a Happy Holidays with your family even though you and your whole family is grieving. Merry Christmas. Oh and by the way, if your shopping on amazon this year for your toys, let me know and I will send you one of my links. ” Just picture that with a bunch of smiley faces inserted through out the body of the conversation. 

You know what the worse thing is?  That was the third time this week that something like this has happened to me on facebook. So, I am that obnoxious A-hole that has the Facebook fail of the week award.  And to my friend, if you happen to read this post; I am so very sorry. Please don’t be mad at me for blogging about our conversation either…no one really reads the damn thing anyway.



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