Naples, Italy – “Tutor System” – The green envelopes you don’t want

 I got my orders in January and I arrived in Naples, Italy in May of 2010. My car however didn’t get here till the end of July. Today is the 29th of December 2010 and I received my first green envelope that was post-dated on the 20th of December 2010 for a speeding ticket that was for August. These evil envelopes seem to be flooding in; filling up the FPO boxes of all the military members (Army, Navy and Air Force alike) that happen to drive their registered vehicles over here. My ticket is for two-hundred and seventeen euro (as of today’s currency rate that is $284.90). Lucky for me because the ticket took over 120 days for them to actually issue me my ticket. I can go over to CAPO and have one of the JAG lawyers fix this for me. However, because of the way this tutor system works I am sure I will have more on the way. Before I get into what the tutor system is and how it works; I just want to let everyone in internet land know that you can help me out if you would like by donating to the paul ohana or clicking on my link and shopping like you normally would on amazon so that we won’t be living of off top ramen for the next six months. I know I am shameless but it’s worth a shot to ask 😉 Please see below:


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What is the Tutor System:

It is pretty much a speed trap that is sprawled throughout Italy. What is does is track your average speed from one camera to the next and it fines you per camera point. Between the support site where I live and JFC where I work is 28 miles. There are at least 7 or 8 tutor and autovelox sites between point a and point b. Even if I drove 50MPH(which is the speed limit) for half the way and then drove with the flow of traffic for the other half the time (which is around 60-70MPH) – I am just going to stop right here because I can’t really figure out how they calculate the average and the fine (mines for one way to work was 217 euro). These cameras are set-up throughout all of Italy on the autostrada in addition to the autovelox and other speed traps. The objective is to teach people on Italian roads to drive safer. FAT CHANCE. At least over here in Naples. Even tourists will get the green envelopes in the mail; just like we do – months and months later. The whole letter is in Italian legal jargon so there is no way to understand it unless you can speak Italian legal jargon or have someone that can translate it. If your military you can talk to one of the JAG lawyers if it is post-dated over 120 days from the date that the ticket is for – so you have a chance to keep your clearance. If your a tourist; I believe you have to call the number listed on the fine and work through the Italian government to get it sorted.  Not a fun task by the way.

Where are the Tutor camera and autovelox sites located:

The Tutor System

You can find this interactive map here:

The dark blue lines indicate: Motorways

The light blue lines indicate: Highways

The Pink line indicate: “Other” roadways


The Autovelox Systems

You can find this interactive map here:

The dark blue lines indicate the autostrada network that is subject to autovelox camera points.

The dashed blue lines indicate other highways that are subjected to autovelox camera points.

Also, please see this blog that explains the autovelox speeding system:

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