Don’t you just hate that?

Like any writer I love to read; I read everything and anything I can get on my kindle (unless it’s over $9.99 – yes I am talking to you, I hope you can hear me over there, you slim-sucking publishers over at penguin house =-P ). On second thought, in case I ever grow a pair and submit my “baby” to the wolves via query letters in the future and it gets picked up…I take it all back. I don’t mean a word of what I just typed. Actually to be honest, I really don’t mean a word of it; if a book I really want to read comes out and it costs over $9.99 I will submit and buy it despite my best boycotting intentions. I have no will power, in fact I really wish that amazon never allowed me the option of one-click buying. I think that I may very well need a twelve step program. That is besides the point though, before I get totally off subject of what I wanted to ramble on about let me veer back in that direction. Recently, I revealed one of my secret reading obsessions on my other blog. Since, I have nothing else to write about right now (actually, I do but I am procrastinating),  I thought this would be a great opportunity to just strip my soul down bare and expose it’s nakedness to all of you out there in internet land. Not serious about that at all either just in case you’re wondering the mysterious wonder of yours truly. Sorry to get your hopes up like that, I am not even sure that I have a soul (damn you science for that; way to take away the silver lining of dying…douche bags).  However, I did think that I might as well come out of the closet with the rest of my slightly questionable reading material preferences…

I  ♥  MA/YA genre books and I am also  slightly addicted to manga and comic books

Alright…there, I said it. I am a complete semi-closet case geek. Now shhh…don’t tell anyone, it can be our little secret. 

Fuck me, I forgot that I auto-publish to Facebook 😛

Moving right along, I happen to love to read MA/YA type books because that is where my writing voice is the strongest; in that world my imagination thrives. Right now, I idolize the way Rick Riordan can pull you into his world and make you connect with the characters (the movie based on one of his books – I didn’t like so much). Due to me being a fan of his writing; I started reading the first of his Kane Chronicles and I had to put it down and take the time to come here to pout a little. His character “Bast” is very similar to one of my characters that belongs to one of my worlds, in my writing, more to the point one of my lead characters in my “baby”.  Well, do you know what that means? It means he published it first. Bastard. Now, I am going to have to go back in and re-write my character and give her a whole new identity or scrap her from the story completely which will leave my heroine without a kick-ass sidekick. Weh me (.)  😦    

Don’t you just hate that?


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